Why we use fiber

  • It transmits data using hundreds of very thin strands of glass fiber bundled together to form a cable.
  • Data (video, audio, text, voice, etc.) is transmitted as pulses of light through the fiber.
  • A single strand of fibre is equivalent to 1,000 strands of traditional copper wiring. Compared to copper, it can accommodate A MILLION TIMES more data traffic. Fiber can carry data much further than copper and wireless systems.


Fiber Optic

Bandwidth: 1.05 Petabits/s

Distribution Point: In Customer's Data Closet

Consistent Quality: Yes

Cable Maintenance: Once every 30 years

Future Proof: Yes

Interference: None

Secure: Cannot be tapped








Bandwidth: 24Mbps

Distribution Point: Local Exchange

Consistent Quality: Marginal
(Dependent on other customers usage)

Cable Maintenance: Often

Future Proof: No

Interference: Electro-Magnetic

Secure: Easy to tap


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